Addressing the Inconvenient Truth: Carbon Reduction as The New Planning Currency


There’s so much discussion surrounding our industry’s response to climate change. Though positive steps are being taken to reduce our collective impact, there’s clearly a need for an acceleration of the agenda, to move from discussion to action. As a media owner, we are directly responsible for the ads we serve, and for the emissions produced by that process, from the energy required to light our offices to that required to light the devices upon which our ads are served.

Having been on a journey to learn the full impact of our business, Mobsta have discovered the inconvenient truth, that most industry carbon calculators only consider the end user device, accounting for just 15% of the total end-to-end emissions we generate. Meaning that as an industry, we’re potentially ignoring the 85% of emissions produced through the housing and distribution of our data.

Armed with the knowledge of exactly how many grams of carbon are produced by every impression we serve, Mobsta are now creating media plans with an enhanced set of parameters. In addition to audience and format optimisations, Mobsta are now activating campaigns using carbon reduction as a fundamental currency in our planning process.