Carbon Neutral B Corp Creative Studio

Coffee & TV

Coffee & TV’s award-winning company culture and passionate leaders led us to become the UK’s first B Corp creative studio, this was only the beginning of our sustainability journey. We are proud to be part of the B Corporation movement transforming businesses to balance people, planet and profit to be a force for good.

To support the Ad Net Zero action plan we have reduced operational scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions by 59%, including staff working from home. We have a Sustainability Manager to ensure the carbon footprint of all productions are minimised and measured with Ad Green. We are a carbon neutral studio on track to reach net zero by 2028.

We believe in the power of individuals to shape our future, that is why we continue to educate our team on the climate and inequality crisis and empower them to make changes in their personal and professional lives.

This year we released our Impact Report which exemplifies our holistic view of sustainability. We continue to grow our DEI, B Corp, and Green Client teams as we look at the bigger picture, to use the power of creativity to change consumer behaviour and ensure all advertising benefits people and the planet. We want to be the best for the world not just the best in the world.