Danske Bank Carbon Neutral Mortgages: We’re All In


Danske Bank is one of the biggest local mortgage providers in Northern Ireland. As a leading, and progressive, presence in the market, the bank recognises its role in the transition of society to a low-carbon future.

In June 2021, it launched its new Carbon Neutral Mortgage into Northern Ireland. The only financial services offering in the UK or Europe to be certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust, its arrival signalled a genuine step change.

Three months later, Danske began looking at expanding its proposition into England – including the search for an agency partner who’d play their part in keeping Danske’s footprint to a minimum.

Enter mark-making*. We’re a Carbon Net Positive agency, that offsets 110% of our total carbon footprint through Gold Standard VER offsets.

From early conversations, Danske’s commitment was uncompromisingly clear. So a campaign was needed that matched this. With that in mind, ‘We’re All In’ was spawned.

A simple, flexible mechanic that could be used to talk about the bank’s approach to sustainability – but also anything else it wished to – with the same level of passion. Danske’s ‘all in’ for landing their product in England; for celebrating the communities they mean to serve; for helping brokers support their eco-friendly customers; and, of course, for making mortgages, and the financial services arena, a greener place.

Although our agency processes and use of digital minimised the environmental impact of ‘We’re All In’, the commercial impact of the campaign itself was significant – comfortably exceeding every target it was set.