Driving consideration of Vauxhall electric cars by bringing key information to the consumer with Meta on-platform products.

Meta, Vauxhall, Starcom and Shuttlerock

Meta has impactful insights and it was by using ACJ (Annual Consumer Journey) by Kantar and Meta’s Let’s Grow Electric narrative that it proactively pitched to Vauxhall this idea, by showing deep understanding of a problem statement; the cost of an electric vehicle is perceived to be high and putting people off considering one.


Using the insight that less than 40% of people visit the automotive brand website on the path to purchase, Meta’s solution was a Total Cost of Ownership instant experience campaign. 

It presented the ‘Let’s Grow Electric’ research, highlighting the information consumers need to consider when buying an electric car. Some of this is functional data like cost of ownership vs a diesel/petrol vehicle. Using the Kantar ACJ research for autos, Meta reviewed the consumer journey key touch points and built the hypothesis that to shift consideration, we need to meet the consumer where they are and bring the information to them, on platform.

The ACJ dashboard is a way to leverage data to help understand a client’s consumer’s path to purchase. From this, Meta pitched the idea of a ‘Cost of Ownership Instant Experience’. Working with Shuttlerock to build the instant experience from the information from the Vauxhall website, the team engaged in. It used a Meta creative pop-up shop to review the instant experience wireframes and ensure best practice on branding and clarity of messaging.  Fully supported by Starcom throughout, they planned and activated the media to a broad audience to best leverage the machine learning.