eBay "Better Than New" Refurbished Campaign


eBay’s ‘Better Than New’ Live event created a meaningful opportunity to engage audiences around sustainability. In addition, we want to instill a sense of pride and meaning into the act of shopping sustainably while empowering consumers to make meaningful choices in consumption.

Amid growing concerns around sustainability and affordability, the eR program is better for the planet in these ways: •We reduce level of metric ton of electronic waste (53.6M in 2019) by re-using materials, supporting the circular economy by keeping them out of landfills. Goal is to avoid 3 million metric ton of carbon emissions through the sale of used; refurbished electronics on the eBay platform in 2022. oIn 2021…47k of metric tons of waste + 1.5M metric tons of carbon emissions was avoided via eBay recommence (sale of pre-owned and refurbished) •The purchase of pre-owned items provides rewards for the entire product lifecycle – starting with the saved resources and production costs of water, energy and carbon emissions to make the goods, and ending with realized new lives for items, thus preventing them from being sent directly to landfills. •Broadcasting positive sentiment around the purchase of pre-owned items •The results and positive sentiment towards eBay’s Refurbished program ‘Better than New’ has led to other markets globally looking to tap into the sustainability sentiment and helping customers see the value through their choices for the environment as well as financially.