House of Dagmar Collection Launch


Zalando – Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle – is on a mission to become a more sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and planet. As part of this, Zalando launched the Sustainability Award, in partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week, to spotlight up-and-coming brands that are driving sustainable change in the industry. Swedish brand House of Dagmar (HoD) were deemed the winners in Feb 2021. Their prize? To partner with Zalando to launch a capsule collection.

Our brief was to use the Zalando x House of Dagmar collection to demonstrate Zalando’s commitment to more sustainable fashion to its Gen Z audience, with specific objectives to: •Generate 30 media articles and PR reach of 10million •Work with ‘people of influence’ in the sustainability industry (goal to recruit 10 people) •Drive 10,000 unique visits to the dedicated HOD landing page •Boost HoD sales by +20% vs previous collection.