Levi’s - Buy Better, Wear Longer


In 2021, Levi’s launched their first-ever sustainability campaign: Buy Better, Wear Longer. The campaign was more than a brand statement, it was a rallying cry to address one of the core issues within the fashion industry: over-consumption, waste and landfills.

Through our research, we realised that one of the biggest challenges for consumers to adopt more sustainable fashion behaviours was the lack of knowledge and understanding. As a result, in addition to amplifying Levi’s core message, we developed a long-term partnership with Vice Media Group, with the aim to educate consumers about sustainable fashion. The partnership was focussed on 3 key areas: Wearing, Caring and Buying to educate the audience across the entire life cycle of a product.

We ensured that our entire plan was optimised to align with Levi’s message “Buy Better, Wear Longer” – we established clear frequency rules to avoid over-targeting with product messages and adapted our e-commerce approach to optimise our investment outside of sales periods.

Finally, we diversified our partner mix to embed partners which allowed us to reduce or offset the impact our campaign had on the environment across our programmatic and search investment.

Through this approach, we were able to give our audiences the tools to have a more responsible fashion consumption and positively contribute to the offsetting of our media campaign.