Mediahub ARC

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The loss of third-party cookies, privacy regulation, and erosion of trust in the standard currencies of measurement have thrown our industry into flux. Viewability has gone some way to address that by measuring whether an ad had a chance to be seen. But as an arbitrary metric, it is merely an opportunity for the browser to load the ad and has no bearing on whether the ad was seen or not by the human eye. Through eye tracking research, we discovered that ads with high viewability (70%+) weren’t being seen, with an average eye gaze of just 0.1 seconds. To solve this we built an automated attention platform, dubbed “Mediahub ARC” (Attentive Reach & Composition). ARC matches monthly eye-tracking research panel data, publisher site clutter of competing ads on the page, and dwell-time on screen, with media plan partners through technology that converts eye tracking attention into real time, cookieless optimisation tags. By streaming ads and cutting the tail of ads not seen by the human eye, Mediahub ARC saved 46,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions and drove client outcomes (brand connection and sales lift) through faster ads seen by the human eye. Proving to all short termist brands that investment in Sustainability and Effectiveness can co-exist.