The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G

Factory 42

The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G, was a ground-breaking sustainable experience that moved and amazed over 10,000 people as it transformed a central London location into the natural world through stunning AR. It is now ranked the UK’s number one immersive experience, according to StoryFutures. A world-class consortium of partners came together to create this unique journey of exploration and self-discovery where visitors explored our Green Planet like never before - all with a remarkable hologram of Sir David Attenborough as their personal guide. Our goal was to tell the incredible stories of plants and animals in an innovative and moving way, to create awe and wonder for our natural world, and inspire positive action in the public, without impacting our planet to do so. Setting a new industry benchmark for sustainable event production, the project applied its green message to the entire production and delivery. The experience also saw an incredible double-digit shift in members of the public who were taking positive action to protect our planet, following their visit. A month after the experience, the percentage of visitors buying environmentally friendly products increased from 76% to 96%, those using energy-efficient systems from 63% to 88%, and those donating money to environmental campaigns from 17% to 41%.