The Sustainable Ad Platform


We have less than 8 years to save our precious planet, 8 million people across the UK are not able to get enough food each day and almost 1 million people are receiving mental health support. At the same time, the entire media industry is tackling ad fraud and brand safety challenges, while finding it impossible to break through the clutter and delivering advertisers an engagement rate of less than 1%. Social media is broken. But there is hope. WeAre8 is a new, revolutionary social app built with love, to change the world. We’ve reimagined ad delivery, we’ve reimagined the social feed, we’ve reimagined the buying engine and we’ve reimagined how media brands operate; all while delivering transformational business results for brands and helping to save our precious planet. The ad industry has a significant role to play in creating a more sustainable future and the power to drive massive transformation. WeAre8 – The Sustainable Ad Platform has been built to unite and reconnect brands and people, whilst building communities who take action and support causes they care about; all with the common goal to solve the world’s biggest problems. The time is now.